ICS won Records Management & IT Support Services

International Computing Systems, Inc. (“ICS”) along with DirectViz Solutions, LLC (DVS), has won RMITS contract at Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA). We are dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions that provide the best answers and solutions for the clients' toughest challenges. We will deliver effective and quality resources enabling RMA to provide records management, administrative support, and IT support using an iterative and continuous improvement management framework that are Flexible, Stable, Efficient, Scalable, Innovative, and Risk Averse. We bring expertise, proven capability, and unmatched capacity. We are confident in our ability, confident in our strength, and confident in our will to exceed performance goals.

If you want to join our RMITS team at RMA, please send your resume to

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Military, schools, and sales teams alike have used ICS driven Rsupport solutions.

Critically acclaimed for being a secure, scalable, and simple-to-use web‐based remote support solution. The only one approved by the Department of Defense. More than 4000 highly regarded organizations rely on RemoteCall to increase productivity and improve customer experience.

•RemoteHelp  RemoteCall + Request Distributing/Allocating Queuing Reservation incorporates a high-volume support request management system. It allows users to efficiently respond to support requests during peak hours, maximizing  resources. It distributes and queues support requests, allowing for reservations if your staff is not available. Every session is kept safe with SSL+AES encryption and requires zero network configuration - even when dealing with firewalls, proxy servers and port-forwarding. 

RemoteSales - Virtual Presentation Solution With instant web chat, there's no need for pre-installed software or ActiveX controls. The flawless media playback will amaze your customers. Your customers will feel secure knowing that there is mandatory customer authorization, no pre-installed software, zero footprint post-session and they can suspend support at any time.

A web‐based remote control solution providing on-demand remote access to your PC from anywhere in the world. By using any internet enabled PC or PDA, you can view and control your PC in real-time with an easy-to-use interface. Gain access to your documents without leaving any files on the remote PC. Manage all your Windows Servers and PCs from a remote location.

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